Can You Get Rid Of Herpes With Current Treatment Options and Remedies

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Ever wonder can you get rid of Herpes? Of course you have – probably all the time and certainly every time you feel another outbreak about to happen. Or when you have to say no to an amorous opportunity because you’re in the middle of yet another nasty outbreak of Herpes!

Every sufferer from Herpes has been there – right? Sorry, that is not right at all. Some people who have HSV1 or HSV2 never have that problem. They never suffer from sores or blisters, and for all intents and purposes they are Herpes free!

But if no is the answer to can you get rid of Herpes how is this possible? How come they never have any outbreaks? How come they don’t have to suffer like you do? How come they have all the good luck?

Let me reveal a little secret to you! It has nothing to do with luck at all!

It has everything to do with nature however. What these people have going for them is that they have immune systems which manage the virus appropriately. You see the virus in natural state likes to remain buried deep down in the nervous system. It will always be in your body once you have it, but you can view the central nervous system as its natural habitat.

In its natural habitat, the HSV1 or HSV2 is dormant. It is not triggering any nasty outbreaks. It is not capable of passing itself along to others. It’s there, but it is essentially harmless and invisible. And that has nothing to do with luck or good fortune.

The reality is that you can naturally achieve that metabolic balance and be just like those people you envy. Those people who never have to suffer from the physical or emotional consequences of an outbreak of Herpes! Those people who never have to explain to a loved one why activities are restricted for two or three weeks! Those people who don’t have to experience the pain and inconvenience that you sometimes have to go through!

Perhaps you are managing your Herpes with prescription medication right now? Long-term this is a bad idea, but it is really all your doctor can recommend right now. Can you get rid of Herpes that way? No! Can you guarantee no more outbreaks that way? No!

Let’s face it – conventional medicine really has not adequately addressed Herpes, even after all these years! But can you get rid of Herpes naturally for no more outbreaks or flare-ups? Yes, you can!

herpeset banner 300x250