Cure For Herpes – How to Cure Herpes Outbreaks and Cold Sores

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Herpes is not something that anybody likes to have, especially as a noticeable cold sore affixed to your face. Fortunately, there are some researchers working very hard to develop a drug that will provide quicker diagnosis and therefore enhance the cure for herpes. Although the drugs for herpes can’t make it go away instantly, they can reduce the amount and length of the herpes outbreak.

When you have a herpes outbreak you will need to keep the infected area as hygienic and dry as possible so that it doesn’t get any worse. By doing this you will help to heal the affected in a natural way without a need for medications. Try your best to avoid picking at the scabs as well. Doctors say that it is good to take a warm shower and rinse the infected area. Once done towel dry gently. Avoid any garments that fit too tightly as they will inflame the area. And, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but lotions and creams can actually work against you and increase any irritation you might already be feeling.

An effective cure for herpes is actually medication which can only be consumed orally or intravenously. When you first get herpes is the most severe period and an antiviral medication can help to reduce the pain quite a bit.

To avoid anybody else getting herpes from you, it is best that you wash your hands thoroughly and not share any of your clothes with anyone. You are able to spread herpes to other people at the time of outbreak. If pregnant, you need to consult a doctor immediately if you have a herpes infection, as it can be harmful to the fetus. An active genital herpes infection is also something that should have the attention of a physician immediately.

Researches are working to find a quick cure for herpes but hope to at least get a vaccine available in the next three to five years. The vaccine will be good to prevent the herpes disease entirely, allowing you to have little worry. Right now there are two control methods being checked out. One is a type of antiviral cure for herpes while the other is an immunotherapy cure for herpes. The goal of the antiviral cure for herpes is to work at developing a drug that is set apart from the infected cells from the rest of the uninfected cells. This type of drug will destroy the virus inside the infected cells without any damage to your normal cells. Then, of course, the drug will destroy the herpes virus entirely. The drug will not leave any residue or produce any type of mutants that could possibly create problems later on. Antiviral medicines will no doubt prove to be highly beneficial if the infected individual seeks treatment right away after noticing the first hint of any herpes symptoms.

Finding a cure for herpes is something that is being worked on, it is just a slow process. I’ve always heard that something good is well worth the wait.

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