Get Herpes Pain Relief

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Herpes outbreaks can cause a lot of pain, sometimes described as razor blades slicing the genital area. Not a pleasant thought, but herpes pain relief can be found. There are a variety of medications and topical applications on the market to provide herpes pain relief, but you can also go natural with some useful home remedies.

If you decide to go with an over the counter treatment for herpes pain relief, you will find a wide range of products. Some are simply local anesthetics that dull the nerve endings and numb the area for a short time. These will need to be reapplied frequently and can get a bit messy.

Icing the affected area can be a good way to get natural herpes pain relief. The coolness will numb the area and can provide a soothing relief. Using a chilled compress of any kind will provide similar herpes pain relief. However, the numbness is only temporary and you will find it necessary to repeat the treatment frequently in order for it to be properly effective.

Taking a warm bath or using a blow dryer set to low can be a good way to ease the pain as well. Your genital area should remain dry to promote faster healing of the blisters and this can be helped along by using the blow dryer or by dusting the area with cornstarch. You may also sprinkle cornstarch in your underwear to ensure dryness.

Another good tip is to use loose clothing, particularly underwear. Tight clothes can irritate the sores and cause an outbreak to be even worse. Cotton clothing is best, as it allows the genital area to breathe and stay dry. Polyester and other synthetic fabrics should be avoided during an outbreak as they tend to capture heat and moisture and can undo any herpes pain relief that you had already sought out.

Regular pain killers can also provide herpes pain relief. Try Tylenol, acetaminophen or even ibuprofen to ease the pain. Using pain killers in combination with a topical treatment is often the best way to treat the discomfort. Experiment to find which combination works best for you.

Herpes pain relief can be elusive at times. It’s all a matter of experimentation and finding out what remedies work for you and your outbreaks. Some people find that they experience such mild outbreaks, all they need is an aspirin, but for others, a topical treatment combined with a pain killer is the only way to cope.

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