Herpes Infection And Its Treatment

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In the bustle of everyday life the problem of Herpes virus infestation is often left aside. The reason is simple: very often no visible symptoms of this disease are present. But it does not mean that this grave disease can be cured without medical involvement. The symptoms of Herpes infestation can be not visible at once. However, they can reflect very painfully in close future and lead to complicated consequences.

A brief description of the disease: a herpes outbreak or attack can reflect in cold sores or blisters, in and around the mouth and genital area can be quite painful, causing a burning sensation, itching and even difficulty or pain when urinating. Besides, herpes can be ocular which means that it can occur in the eye’s cornea and can be damaging to the extent of causing blindness if it is not treated in time.

Therefore, don’t try to forget about Herpes existence if you do suffer because of this disease. The situation must be taken under control in time and for this reason it is necessary to find more information about the most effective medication, which will stop the further development of Herpes and will help you to get rid of it.

Among all medical preparations which fight against Herpes infection, Valtrex preparation is considered to be one of the most popular in this field. Deep medical researches showed that Valtrex treats several types of herpes infestation, such as:

– Genital herpes – a viral disease that is characterized by vast lesions forming in 4-7 days after sexual intercourse that led to HSV infection. During the last years Genital herpes has widely developed and can be diagnosed in one out of three women. The herpes infestation is very hard to cure completely. It is considered a good result of the treatment if the disease does not occur again in 2-3 years after therapy.

– Herpes Zoster (shingles) – is a viral disease that is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. The symptoms for this type of Herpes are: itching, pain, rash and pain in the affected area after complete course of treatment.

– Cytomegalovirus infestation – is a viral disease transmitted through sexual contact, transplanted organs, breast milk and other bodily fluids: sweat, saliva, urine etc. The virus may not express itself for a certain period of time.

To prevent Herpes there are several instructions:
1. Use a condom during sex even if you are in monogamous relationship;
2. Talk to your sexual partner sincerely whether he/she has been tested for the virus;
3. Eat well, attend sport activities, reduce stress, as permanent anxiety can lead to the spread of herpes.

But if you still have Herpes infection, the reliable way to prevent its further spread (mainly, genital herpes) is to avoid sexual contact during an active outbreak and to use condoms for sexual contact between outbreaks. Daily antiviral therapy with proper medical preparation has also been proven to reduce the risk of herpes transmission to a partner. But firstly, consult your health care provider and follow his instructions.

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