Top Herpes Diet Tips

There are some foods that have proven to be “herpes friendly” and some that seem to trigger outbreaks. So by knowing the “good” food and which ones to avoid, you could significantly lower the occurrence, severity and duration of your herpes outbreaks. The reason some food is good and some bad is mainly because of […]

Top 7 Tips To Treat And Prevent Genital Herpes

Genital herpes, or herpes simplex type 2, affects up to 20 percent of all sexuality active people. This type of herpes typically begins with tingling or itching before the blisters appear. After that, symptoms include painful open sores, a burning sensation when urinating and, occasionally, muscle aches and fever. The first outbreak is usually the […]

Top 7 Foods To Avoid With Cold Sores

Foods to avoid with cold sores are key foods that contain high levels of the amino acid arginine and low quantities of lysine. You probably have heard of arginine and lysine. These are two amino acids that are present in most foods. Arginine and lysine have a big impact on the duration and frequency of […]

Top 5 Supplements That Prevent Herpes Outbreaks

There are 5 natural supplements that have been scientifically proven to reduce the frequency of herpes outbreaks while providing excellent immune boosting qualities. Your natural ability to defend against viral attack and prevent herpes outbreaks is directly related to the state of your immune system, without a strong immune system your body can become overwhelmed […]

Top 5 Foods That Trigger Herpes Outbreaks

There are certain foods and amino acids derived from these foods that can trigger herpes outbreaks and equally foods that can be used to prevent herpes outbreaks. Although there is no ‘cure’ for the herpes virus, (bear in mind there is no cure for any virus at this time) by understanding the balance and relationship […]

The Lysine Herpes Connection

Lysine is an essential amino acid that is required by the human body. The body cannot synthesize this molecule and it must be derived from the diet. Millions of people suffering with cold sores will attest that lysine is an effective remedy for treating an outbreak of the herpes virus. Clinical research has shown the […]

The Herpes Simplex and Other Related Disorders

There are so many diseases in the world today that continue to spread because people are not aware of their causes, symptoms and effects. One of these diseases includes the herpes simplex, which is usually characterized by the formation of lesions in areas of the body. It is a viral disease caused by two viruses […]

The Beginning Stages of Herpes

Herpes is an STD (sexually transmitted disease) that is common among teenagers and individuals in their 20s. Genital herpes is caused by a virus known as type 1 or type 2. With this virus, the herpes simplex virus is broken down into two types. These types are type 1 (HSV-1) or type 2 (HSV-2). It […]

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