Reduce the Frequency of Herpes Outbreaks

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Herpes is an incurable, recurring disease that is quite unpredictable. After your first outbreak, you may end up having years of no symptoms, or you might break out again in a week. Although no cure has been found, there are some techniques that make it possible to reduce the frequency of herpes outbreaks, making life easier for its victims.

Anyone who has been infected with this virus knows that the frequency of herpes outbreaks can control your life. The pain and discomfort caused by an active infection really does affect everything you do for the duration. So, if there is a way to reduce the frequency, why not try it?

The truth is that it takes a combination of factors to lower the frequency of herpes outbreaks. You will need to adjust your lifestyle according to the number of infections you experience. For people with a low immune system, you might experience very frequent outbreaks (every 2-6 weeks). Boosting your immune system is the first step in herpes relief.

To boost your immune system, you will need to take a look at your diet. Do you drink many soft drinks? Even one a day can drastically inhibit your immune system due to the amount of sugar in each bottle. In fact, excessive sugar intake can be a major factor in the frequency of herpes outbreaks, so you will want to reduce it. Avoid eating too many sugary desserts or candies and stay away from sodas!

Eating plenty of fresh food, such as fruits and vegetables, particularly those high in Vitamin C and B can also help you control the herpes. Staying away from unhealthy junk food such as chips and fries is a good idea if you want to stay in good shape. You can opt for baked potato chips instead of fried if you like, the idea is to give your body the nutrients it needs to fight off the virus and to stay healthy.

If you find that you just aren’t able to eat well all the time, consider taking a vitamin supplement. A one-a-day vitamin pill is ideal and you can get ones that dissolve in water for those who prefer not to swallow pills on a daily basis. Taking extra vitamin C, whether through pill form or by eating plenty of citrus fruit is another excellent way to raise your health level and lower the frequency of herpes outbreaks.

Taking a herbal supplement such as St. John’s wort may also help boost your immune system and drop the frequency of herpes outbreaks that you experience. Ginkgo balboa and ginseng are also touted as immunity helpers and may also improve brain function, two birds with one stone!

Reducing the frequency of herpes outbreaks may take a while. You need to get your body into shape and healthy. By taking care with what you eat and by making sure you are getting enough vitamins, you will shortly be noticing longer and longer periods between outbreaks.

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